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Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Pirates Adventure Room

Within the field of Escape Rooms, if you choose to book a room, you’re either looking for one of two things. You may be either looking for a challenging room that tests you mentally, or you may be looking for a more earthy, physical experience.

Here at Logiclock, we focus on the more mentally challenging types of rooms. You enter, solve a sequence of puzzles working together with your team, then (hopefully) escape the room within the hour. Due to the lack of physicality or outside knowledge required in the rooms, players of all ages and backgrounds can take part.

We have three rooms currently in operation, which are the Pirate ‘Pirates Adventure’ roomScience ‘Made in Stein’ room and the Mafia ‘Cosa Nostra’ Room. All of our rooms are unique, designed by our team and are handmade – you will not find any of the puzzles anywhere else!

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Made in Stein Room
Logiclock Escape Rooms - Cosa Nostra Room

There are three types of puzzles you can expect within the rooms: hidden items to find, logical puzzles, and abstract reasoning puzzles. Hidden items tests how thoroughly you can search your environment for nooks and crannies, whilst determining what is of interest and what may be a misdirection or just plain decoration. Logical puzzles are fairly simple: you follow the logic step by step to be able to solve the puzzle. Abstract puzzles are a little more interesting: either you spot the answer straight away, or you have to take a step back and try to change your thinking in order to spot the correct answer. Talking through the possibilities with your teammates when faced with an abstract puzzle is essential: All it takes is one eureka moment and the puzzle is solved!

We are often asked about the difficulty of our rooms. The rooms themselves are all of the same perceived “difficulty”, however, it is extremely difficult to rate the difficulty of our rooms due to the mix of puzzles being from all three puzzle groups. Thus, the difficulty is entirely dependent on how each group thinks, and communicates in order to solve the puzzles. In terms of escape rate the rooms are all very similar, and have the same amount of puzzles within them each, but the puzzle types vary from room to room. The Pirate room favours heavily searching based puzzles, with teams that are good at finding things given the chance to excel heavily here. The Mafia room favours abstract reasoning, with teams able to think more outside the box or talk through the problems with their teams more likely to do well. Finally the Science room is a combination of finding clues, abstract reasoning and traditional logic puzzles: well rounded teams can do very well here.

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham
Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham

On top of this, there are simple-step puzzles and multi-layered puzzles. Simple step puzzles are puzzles that can be solved very quickly if the logic is identified straight away (most abstract puzzles fall into this category), whereas multi-layered puzzles involve having to solve several smaller puzzles that tie together to solve a larger puzzle.  You can expect a mix of these types of puzzles throughout all our rooms.

Memory and luck are two things that play a role in general through all forms of puzzle solving. If you’ve ever played with those small metal puzzles where the aim is to separate the two pieces, the first time you solve it was probably luck, after twisting and turning in every way you can think. The second time you solved it was most likely down to memory (or luck again if you, like me, had no idea how you managed to do it the first time); you remembered how you solved it and were able to repeat the action. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to affect your luck in the rooms – that’s unique to the players and day – but for memory, we include a way of making notes throughout the entire room. Diligent scribes will make the rooms a lot easier for themselves and their team!

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham
Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham

The puzzles in all of our rooms only require logical thinking, common sense, or you are able to work the puzzles out using the resources available within the rooms.  We try and avoid puzzles that require technical skill. There is no outside knowledge required.

Does this sound like a challenge that interests you? You can learn a lot about yourself and your friends by bringing them to an escape room: you will spend 60 minutes forced to communicate, work together and come together using only your minds in order to beat the rooms. You will laugh, you may cry, but you’ll definitely have fun.

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham

The Logiclock Escape Rooms

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