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Logiclock Escape Rooms - Nottingham

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Pirates Adventure Room

Logiclock is an entertaining puzzle-based live escape game. Designed for small groups of 3-6 people. The goal is simple: escape from the rooms in 60 minutes using only the mind, logic, and teamwork, solving all the puzzles and mysteries.

Our Game Masters will lock you and your team in a custom-built, challenging, and entertaining escape room. To escape, you will need to solve the many mysteries, puzzles, and challenges to find the final key. In 60 minutes, families, friends, or co-workers will have to unite into an efficient team to discover the hidden clues, objects, and codes to reach the goal and escape from the room!

Logiclock Escape Rooms - Made in Stein Room
Logiclock Escape Rooms - Cosa Nostra Room

Grab your friends and quickly assign their own roles and responsibilities while indirectly PRACTISING both individual & team thinking. For a successful escape, you will only need the power of teamwork, logic, and common sense. This game does not require any strength or physical force. In order to escape you have to use everything you find, only once and only for one purpose. No outside assistance such as mobile phones is allowed and would not help anyway…

Inside the room, we will not leave you and your team completely alone. You will have the chance to ask for help. We will follow your progress via cameras, and we will give you a hint if you happen to get stuck.

In case of emergency, you can stop the game. The escape rooms can be left at any time during the game.

Logiclock Escape Rooms
Logiclock Escape Rooms

Contained for an average time of 60 minutes, we will additionally need an extra 10 – 20 minutes around each game (for the instructions before the game & to prepare the room for the next round after each game).

The Logiclock Escape Rooms