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Logiclock Escape Room Game | Pirates Adventure

Pirates in Nottingham

There has been a secret pirate house discovered in the heart of Nottingham which is full of treasures. Many people have tried to acquire the treasures, however the pirates have always caught them during the mischief and threw them into prison. Up until now, no one has left the pirate shelter alive. The time has come for anyone to outsmart the pirates's leery mentality. What do you need in order to find the final key to escape? Common sense, communication and teamwork.

Logiclock Escape Room Game | Made in Stein

Made in Stein - Science Adventure

You’ll enter Professor E.’s room. Professor E. had to go very quickly and without attracting attention. He had to leave so fast he couldn’t find somebody who could continue his work. There are lots of candidates but he needs the best of the best. The Professor asked Mrs. Taylor, his assistant for help.

In order to prove your skills you have one thing to do: Escape from Professor E.’s room.

Logiclock Escape Room Game | Cosa Nostra Room

Cosa Nostra - The Sicilian Adventure

We are in Sicily, in the villa of the Sicilian mafia, where 4 mafia bosses hold their meetings. You are the secret team of the British Spy Agency. You've only got 60 minutes to reveal all plans of the mafia bosses and escape from the villa using only your mind, logic and common sense. But be very careful, the mafia is very dangerous and if they catch you we can't guarantee your safety....


Logiclock-Escape-Room-Certificate-2017Escape Room Nottingham Logiclock


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