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Logiclock Escape Room Game

The door is locked

You and your team are locked in a custom built, challenging and entertaining escape room.

Logiclock Escape Room Game

60 minutes

In 60 minutes you have to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges to find the final key.

Logiclock Escape Room Game

Find the clues

Discover the hidden clues, objects and codes using only the mind, logic and teamwork.

Logiclock Escape Room Game

Exit the room

Reach the goal and escape from the room.


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Logiclock - Pirates in Nottingham


Join Our Mailing List! Receive news, special offers.


UPDATE: Sorry, this offer has expired.


5  is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 4 and preceding 6.

It is the number of the harmony and the balance.

5 is a good number and now even better:  

the first 50 teams can get 50% off for 5 numbers.

Find 5 different coloured numbers on our website, put them in order according to the colours and get 50% off.

50% Off- Real Live Escape Game

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If you want to redeem this code, please go to our booking site:

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You will be redirected to the confirmation site and before you confirm your booking, you can give your coupon code (in this case the numbers).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Logiclock-Escape-Room-Certificate-2017Escape Room Nottingham Logiclock


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